Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Coat of Many Colors

Recently, my friend Shari and I took a delightful day trip to the 260 year old farm of my friend Carol Rollman.  It's called Sycamore Spring Farm, where Carol runs a very successful CSA (community supported agriculture) in Frederick, Md.  I had been meaning to get over to Carol's for quite a long time now...I had sold her an English Shepherd pup, (Maeve) from Skye and Finn's first litter about two years ago and I wanted to visit both Carol and Maeve but responsibilities and "stuff" kept getting in the way...until....I recieved a Canon Powershot SX20 for Christmas from my wonderfully supportive husband, Mike.  This camera allows me to take gorgeous close ups of the animals that I so love to paint without forcing myself into their "space" so I can capture plenty of candid moments, and lots of inspiration.

Carol's farm is like walking into a wonderful world where animals peacefully co exist unlike anything I have really experienced before.  Carol's love of animals and passion for growing natural and healthy food is in evidence everywhere you look.  It is both an artist's and animal lover's delight.  I fell in love with the Scottish Highland Cattle, so calm and gentle yet there is something almost prehistoric about them...And so utterly paintable!  If you are anywhere near Frederick, Md. and want to experience the way life used to be lived as well as supply your family with healthy and nourishing food, Sycamore Spring Farm's website is:  http://www.sycamorespringfarm.org/  I can't reccomend it highly enough.

It was wonderful to see Maeve and all ten of her rolly polly puppies in the farm environment that they were bred to be in .  Maeve is Carol's right hand and furry farm manager, but she took some time off to escort us around the farm and play fetch with us.  It was a wonderful and inspiring day and I plan to paint a series from the photos that Shari and I took that day.  Thank you for your wonderful shots and timing Shari!  Above is my first painting from my new "Sycamore Spring Farm" series.  It is of a Scottish Highland Cow named Beauty and her four day old baby.  I call it "Coat of Many Colors"

Yours in Paint,