Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Through the Bracken"

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get much in the way of painting done last week due to social obligations, although I did have a blast chaperoning my son's field trip to see the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Maryland Historical Society. I saw some beautiful paintings!

This week it's back to painting.... I've just finished up a 8" x 10" pastel painting done from a photo that I took in beautiful Killarney, Ireland last February while on vacation with three other artist friends of mine. I had my friends on a forced march to find the "Standing Stones" in the area. I really wanted to see some history, I mean REAL history, not the 200 year stuff we lay claim to over here :) The sun had started to set and the shadows were getting long and slanted. But I talked my steadfast pals into tromping over both hill and dale in search of these stones I had heard about. On the way, we passed multitudes of sheep roaming the hillsides. This particular ewe caught my eye because instead of running away with the others she seemed fascinated and turned to watch the proceedings.

Just when I reached the point of thinking about retracing my steps and calling it a day, I crested yet one more hill and the stones were there. It was well worth the adventure!! And in retrospect, we all agreed that our mecca to find the Standing Stones in Killarney was one of our favorite times on the trip...

Yours in Paint...

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