Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Indigo Skye

This is a painting I did a few months back of Skye, my female English Shepherd, who is one of my favorite models (how convienent)!  She's a funny girl, extremely smart and eager to please and tattle tale extroidenaire.  Recently, I taught her to fetch my cell phone to me when it rings.  I only had to show her twice and she had it down pat.  My 15 year old son has entertained hordes of his friends with this silly little party trick...And both dog and teenagers love it.

 About three years ago, I came into the kitchen with Skye at my heels, and found my son Dylan, who was then 12, once again raiding the cookie jar.  I emphatically told him that he had had more than his fair share of cookies that day and to leave them alone.  I then returned to my studio (which is adjacent to the kitchen) and sat down at the easel, and Skye lay in the doorway with her head pointing towards the kitchen. She suddenly jumped up, and ran barking into the kitchen.  She then ran back to me barking, and ran back to the kitchen again.  When I enteried the kitchen Skye was barking at Dylan,  who had snuck back to the cookie jar once again and was caught by Skye with (literally) his hand in the cookie jar... From then on, Skye has been known as "Mom's Secret Weapon"....

Yours in Paint,



  1. I don't know which I love more, your painting (glorious!) or your dog story. I only have one dog right now, our German short-haired pointer Gracie, but have had many beloved dogs in the past. Jacques, one of our English setters, was the cookie thief in our family. He stole a whole package of Oreos, one at a time. Instead of eating them, he stealthily stashed them behind curtains, chairs, etc. As we were in the den and he was in the dining/living room, he didn't know we were watching him.

  2. That is really funny Julie... Jacques must have been a very disciplined fellow. They are such personalities aren't they?!

  3. Beautiful painting and great story! Every mother could use such a secret weapon!