Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Exhibition is Ready!

I have been working like mad these last few weeks towards my solo exhibition at the Liriodenron mansion.  Sunday is the opening reception and am I ever ready!  My friend Shari and I installed it this past Tuesday, (Thanks again Shari) and I have to say the show looks great.  The rooms are gracious and airy and really let the paintings sing.  It's a bit odd when I think about how long I have been working towards this show...Focusing most of my energy on getting everything done and framed, and soon I'll have to look towards the next horizon, the next inspiration that will galvanize all my artistic energies.  Gearing up for this show has been a wonderful journey,  I have learned so much about myself as an artist, helping me develop even further and in the process, establishing some awesome work habits!

So if anyone is in the Harford County, Md. area on Sunday, March 7th...please come by and say "Hello"!  It is at the Liriodenron Mansion in Bel Air, Md.  The show runs through April 18th, and is open on Sundays only, 1:00 till 4:00.

The above painting will be one of the pieces featured in the exhibition and is entitled "Puff Daddy"  He's a Cornish Game rooster from my Sycamore Spring Farm series.  It's a pastel on Wallis paper, 18" x 24".

Yours in Paint,



  1. My gosh, he is a fabulous specimen! Do those "bluish" feathers really look like that? Amazing.

  2. Jude, How I wish that I could see your wonderful show! Your dear brother told me how fabulous it is! Love "Puff Daddy"! There seems to be no end to your talent! Cheers!

  3. Thanks so much Julie! Those feathers really are that shiny :) He really is a fancy dude, and he carries himself like he knows it.

  4. Thank you Marguerite! It was a great day... A great turnout and a gorgeous venue in which to show. I was really happy with the opening. Now I gotta paint for the next one (wherever that might be)!