Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puff Daddy goes Hollywood

Well, not "Hollywood" exactly...But my rooster portrait entitled "Puff Daddy" is currently on the cover of the Sept/Oct. issue of Harford's Heart magazine.  I was very excited to hear that the magazine had chosen me as their cover artist and the interviewee for the "Interview with an Artist" segment.  If your local, pick one up and check it out, they carry them at most grocery stores and banks etc... If not local you can read the interview here  I am currently looking into having a run of signed limited edition prints of Puff made, due to the interest generated in him by his 15 minutes of fame.  I'll certainly let everyone know if and when this happens.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous Fall weather we've been experiencing here in the east coast.  There is something so very nostalgic in the crisp breezes for me this time of year, yet the air is also full of promise for the seasons ahead.  Time for me to harvest all of our basil, tyme and rosemary for the kitchen. Make sure the goat barn and chicken coop are winter hardy, prune the roses and start dreaming of next year's gardens.  It was a wonderful summer...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Fall season!



  1. Hi Jude! The portrait of Puff Daddy is fabulous and I can certainly understand why you were chosen to be the cover artist! Congrats! I'm heading over to read the interview, now! Glad you had a wonderful summer!

  2. Thanks so much Marguerite! It was a great all around experience...Hopefully you'll all be getting some cooler weather soon :-)