Saturday, January 31, 2009

"The Swordsmith"

After finishing and delivering my last commission, I decided to do a painting that I had been mulling over in my mind for awhile. I thought the timing was right with it being the 250th celebration of Robert Burns birthday (One of Scotland's favorite sons). Last Autumn my husband and I were at a Celtic heritage festival and I took some photos of a blacksmith practicing his craft. The lighting was wonderful and I loved the play of light and shadow on him. As I was sitting down working on the painting, I decided to change what the blacksmith was working on (just a small lump of iron really) to a sword that would add more interest, tell more of a story and help direct the eye around the painting. Besides, swords are just, well ... cool!

I have found myself this last week or so, tending to work on smaller pieces and have really enjoyed finishing up a painting within a day or so. I think it helps to keep my work loose, especially working so small, (8" x 10") using blunt pastels. I think I'll do a few more small, fast paintings and then I'll have a yearning to stretch out a bit with a big canvas :)

Your in paint...